Kim Kardashian Wore A Disposable Spray Tan Thong As A Bikini

There are no words.

So we’ve firmly established Kim Kardashian is basically smashing the bikini game on her holiday in Mexico this week, but now something very strange has happened.

On Wednesday 24 August the reality star stepped out onto her private beach in Punta Mita wearing another customised swimwear creation.

We’re so down with the DIY ripped T-shirt top vibes, but those bottoms... are they...?

A photo posted by The Wests (@itsnoriwest) on

They can’t be...?

A disposable spray tan thong?

Kimmy K is no stranger to spray tans, so it could legit be one, maybe she just couldn’t be bothered to change.

Or maybe she’s starting a new trend and we should all stockpile screwed up paper pants from spas, who knows.


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