Kim Kardashian Snapchats Naked (So You Can Check Out Her Spray Tan, Obviously)

Well, what else is there to do when you've had a beauty treatment at midnight?

Kim Kardashian’s not afraid of stripping off for a few naked snaps, and this time around, the reality TV star decided Snapchat was the perfect place to share a couple of cheeky pics.

Jet-setter Kim is currently in Miami and after a night out to celebrate her assistant Steph’s birthday, she squeezed in time for a midnight spray tan. Y’know, because that’s what celebs do.

Afterwards, Kim snapped a couple of pictures of herself, standing naked in front a mirror, and also filmed a short video:

“Nothing like a midnight spray tan you guys,” she told her followers, before adding: “Tanorexic.”

Kim’s been enjoying some downtime lately, and recently took a holiday in Mexico, where she spent time with her two kids, and hit the beach in a series of impressive bikinis.

And while the star owns plenty of high-end designer wear, the beach ensemble that really caught everyone’s attention included a bottom half reminiscent of those dodgy paper thongs you get when you actually get a spray tan.

It was certainly an interesting look


Kim Kardashian

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