Kim Kardashian Regrets Rebound With Pete Davidson To ‘Run From’ Kanye West Divorce

“I definitely jumped into another relationship so fast,” the reality TV star admitted.

Kim Kardashian is reflecting on her former relationship with ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson.

The reality star shared some contemplative thoughts with sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner on Thursday’s episode of “The Kardashians” and said her nine-month romance with Davidson was largely motivated by her highly-publicized divorce from Kanye West.

“I definitely jumped into another relationship so fast,” Kardashian told her siblings. “It got my mind away from, like, stuff, and that’s not a way to, like, run from things. It’s better to, like, deal… heal. Deal, heal. Deal, heal, and then... feel.”

Kendall rearranged those emotions into a more sensible order as the trio shared a laugh — and unwittingly created the episode’s title: “Feel, Deal, Heal.” It starkly contrasted last week’s episode in which Kardashian reportedly cried over West’s antics.

The Skims founder famously separated from the Chicago rapper in January 2021 and filed for divorce the following month. The “Jesus Walks” musician lost a flurry of brand partnerships that October and was kicked off various social media platforms for vitriolic anti-semitism.

The split spurred public frustration from West, who claimed she wasn’t raising their kids properly. It reached an apex after Kardashian and Davidson began dating in November 2021 — as West released an animated video the next year in which he appeared to depict violence against Davidson.

Kardashian dated Davidson for nine months before he sought therapy over West's attacks.
Kardashian dated Davidson for nine months before he sought therapy over West's attacks.

Kardashian, who had asked West to stop attacking her, expounded Wednesday.

“After all of the mean things that he’s done, the kids have no clue,” Kardashian told her sisters. “They... think their dad is, like, the best thing, and the most amazing thing, and he’s so great with them. Why would I take that away from them because I’m angry?”

“I mean, granted, I have a lot to be angry at,” she continued, “but like… they don’t know that.

Kardashian presumably alluded to Davidson checking into trauma therapy in the same month of their breakup. Kardashian recently admitted that Davidson “went through a lot because of my relationship.”

The famous socialite has since notably reflected on her needs, however, and recently revealed her “biggest turn-ons” for aspiring suitors. While allegedly “spiraling” at her sister Kourtney’s wedding to Travis Barker, the mom of four continues to prioritize her children.


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