Kim Kardashian And Lindsay Lohan’s Social Media Beef Has Brought Us Right Back To 2007

The only things missing are are a Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party and a cameo from Paris Hilton.
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In news that’s giving us flashbacks to the mid-noughties, Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan have been trading snide remarks in the comments section of an online post... from Perez Hilton.

It all started when Kim went on an Instagram spree on Monday (29 January) night, revealing a new look - complete with problematic blonde braids - and alter-ego, Bo West:

In his role as celebrity gossip extraordinaire - yes, he still blogs - Perez then shared one of the snaps on his own feed, asking his 218k followers what they thought of Kim’s new look.

And buried among the comments from observers the world over was one from Lindsay herself, as she opined: “I am confused.”

Now. You’d think Kim would ignore this wouldn’t you? Or that she probably wouldn’t even see the post? Well, she did. And boy did she clap back.

“You know what’s confusing…” Kim wrote. “Your sudden foreign accent.”

We’re impressed and stunned in equal measure. It’s no secret that Kim’s never been the funniest Kardashian and we seriously suspect she might have been getting social media masterclasses from Queen of the Clapback, Rihanna.

The only things that could make this story more 2007 are a Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party and a cameo from Paris Hilton.

The accent Kim is referring to first emerged in late 2016, when Lindsay spoke at the opening of her new club in Athens.

Explaining the cause of her vocal alteration, she later told MailOnline: “It’s a mixture of most of the languages I can understand or am trying to learn.

With Kourtney, August 2005

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