Kim Woodburn Looks Nothing Short Of Unrecognisable After Makeover On '100% Hotter'

She looks FAB.

If you were a fan of 00s domestic series ‘How Clean Is Your House?’, chances are you will probably remember one of its leading stars Kim Woodburn.

However, you may have had a bit of trouble recognising her if you tuned into ‘100% Hotter’ on Tuesday (10 January) night.

That’s because the cleaner-turned-TV personality looked completely different, after undergoing a makeover on the Channel 5 show.

Kim Woodburn as we are used to seeing her
Kim Woodburn as we are used to seeing her
Channel 5

The styling team stripped her of her trademark pearl necklace and smart jacket combination for something much more on trend.

But it was her hair that underwent the most dramatic transformation, swapping her peroxide blonde, swept-back locks for a choppy brunette lob.

Kim was given a whole new look on the show
Kim was given a whole new look on the show
Channel 5

After being put in front of a mirror for the first time, she squealed: “Oh my goodness me, it’s such a change! And my hair, my good god! Honestly, I have never thought of myself with dark brown hair.

“And I don’t look like mutton dressed as lamb!”

Former ‘X Factor’ and ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star Chloe Khan also appeared on the show, where her Barbie-inspired look was heavily dialed down.

She was much less impressed with the results of her makeover though, claiming it make her look like Carol Vorderman (which apparently is not the look she was going for).


‘Celebrity 100% Hotter’ continues on Tuesday at 10pm on Channel 5. Catch up on episode one now.

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