01/01/2018 10:47 GMT

'Kiri' Writer Jack Thorne Reveals Plans For Grenfell Drama On Channel 4

'We've got to work out a way to come to terms with it.'

Screenwriter Jack Thorne has revealed his intention to pen a drama about the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Jack, who penned 2016’s ‘National Treasure’ and the upcoming drama ‘Kiri’, has said he hopes to make a show about the tragedy on Channel 4, telling the Daily Star: I think we’re all responsible and we’ve got to work out a way to come to terms with it.”

David M. Benett via Getty Images
Jack Thorne

He explained: “Grenfell is something we should be working out how to dramatise.

“I still can’t believe it happened in our country. I can’t believe we inflicted that on people in a country that is supposed to have money. And I can’t believe that they were screaming out for help and no one listened.”

In June last year, the Grenfell Tower blaze led to 71 deaths, with Jack’s recent comments echoing what many figures in the public eye have been saying about the disaster since it happened.

Stars like Adele and Lily Allen have both been vocal in raising awareness in the aftermath of the disaster, with the ‘Someone Like You’ singer delivering a speech about the “neglect” that those whose lives have been permanently changed by the incident were facing.

Similarly, Stormzy used his performance at Glastonbury festival as a platform to speak about Grenfell, calling for the government to be “held accountable”.

He told fans during his set: “We are urging the authorities to tell the truth, first and foremost, to do something, first and foremost, and we are urging the government to be held accountable.”