Kirstie Allsopp Denies Accusations Filming Of Her New Show 'Risked Infecting Her Village'

The presenter opened her home to an eight-person crew for Keep Crafting And Carry On series.

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Kirstie Allsopp has defended the decision to invite a camera crew into her home for her Channel 4 show Keep Crafting And Carry On.

The property presenter began hosting her new show during lockdown, as a way of keeping families entertained while the restrictions are in place.

However, since it began airing, some have criticised the choice to have an eight-person camera crew in Kirstie’s home, where filming takes place.

This included residents of her village in Devon, who were quoted in The Sun in an article that accused her of “risking infecting her village by bringing TV crew to her house”.

Kirstie Allsopp presents her new series Keep Crafting And Carry On from her home
Kirstie Allsopp presents her new series Keep Crafting And Carry On from her home
Channel 4

Kirstie has since had her say on the matter on Twitter, insisting: “What I HATE about this is that makng #KeepCraftingCarryon was only positive, it kept people in work, it provided something new and engaging to watch, so many families saw it and enjoyed making the crafts, why do people have to make bad out of good?!”

After retweeting a number of fans who said the show had brought them comfort, she added: “THANK YOU SO MUCH whatever the Sun prints tomorrow, I now know for certain that many of you felt filming at home as we did, within strict protocols, was the right thing to do. #Craftmatters, Entertaining TV matters, and I’m proud of what we did.”

She also told the newspaper: “No one who was filming here went anywhere near the village. We are encouraging people to stay at home and be adaptive for their mental health — and for fun.”

A Channel 4 rep added: “All filming was carefully conducted in line with Government guidelines and the minimal crew adhered to strict protocols and followed social distancing throughout.”

Back in March, Kirstie was forced to address claims she’d broken any rules by moving her family to their home in Devon after her husband tested positive for coronavirus.

She tweeted: “During this time of national crisis many families have had difficult choices to make, in a rush, with [minimum] info. But we did what we thought was most sensible, and we did not break any rules or regulations that existed at that time.”


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