Labour MP Kate Hoey 'Proud' That Theresa May Is Prime Minister

'I like her style'

Labour MP Kate Hoey has said she is “proud” that Theresa May is prime minister.

Hoey, who campaigned strongly for Brexit, said today she liked the “style” of the Conservative PM .

“When I watch prime minister’s questions now, or when I see her, particularly abroad at international events, I have to say I feel quite proud she is the prime minister of the UK,” she told the BBC’s Daily Politics.

The Vauxhall MP dismissed suggestions her praise meant she would jump ship from Labour to the Tories.

“I think the public are fed up with every time a politicians says something the other side has to oppose it,” she said.

“We have to recognise sometimes the country comes first and what she is doing at the moment, under very difficult circumstances, are reasonable in terms of Brexit.”

Speaking on the programme, Hoey also said shadow home secretary Diane Abbott should “apologise to everyone for behaving rather stupidly”.

Abbott missed last week’s key vote in the Commons on whether or not to trigger Article 50 due to to illness. However some MPs have suggested they do not believe her.


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