ITV Is Making A Show Called ‘Ladiators’ Because Apparently There Aren’t Enough Bad Things In This World


Ever feel like the world is terrible, but not quite terrible enough? Like many things on our glorious planet have taken a turn for the worst, but there’s still room for things to get just a teeny bit more awful?

Well, panic over! ‘Ladiators’ is here. Yes, ‘Ladiators’, y’know, like ‘Gladiators’ but specifically for lads. Goodness... where do we start with this one?

Ah, the '90s were simpler times.
Ah, the '90s were simpler times.

So basically, The Sun has revealed that ITV2 is lining up the new show, which sees lads - not men, not blokes, not guys, strictly lads - competing to prove who is the ‘Ultimate Lad’, a title that is apparently highly coveted.

The publication reports that the “hunky lads” will be pitted against each other, with their girlfriends on the sidelines before separately “fighting it out”, because there’s nothing quite like a good ol’ fashioned gender divide to really get things going.

Gaz Beadle = 'Ultimate lad'
Gaz Beadle = 'Ultimate lad'
Barcroft Media via Getty Images

We know it may sound like we’re not giving it a chance but seriously, ‘Ladiators’? Haven’t we had enough to deal with in the past 12 months? Come on.

Naturally, as the news broke, TV fans began taking to Twitter.

ITV are yet to announce who is presenting the show, and an airdate is also yet to be revealed so watch this space (or, y’know, don’t).


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