Lagom Is The Swedish Trend Everyone Will Be Following In 2017, Here's How To Do It

Come back hygge.

You might not know what it is yet, but lagom is predicted to be the latest Scandinavian lifestyle buzzword we’ll all be getting on board with in 2017.

Last year might have been the year of the hygge bandwagon, which meant sitting on a luxurious throne of blankets with hot drinks and candles, but now we could perhaps all do with a little more moderation.

Or just the right amount.

Lagom loosely translates from Swedish as “not too little, not too much, just right” and means adopting a more balanced and frugal approach to living.

Basically doing what your parents have been asking you to do for the last decade - recycling, reducing waste, saving money and clean living.

We think we preferred hygge...

1. Do dry January.

Emma Farrer via Getty Images

Going completely dry might not seem to embrace the spirit of “not too little, not too much” but after the decadence of December and the Christmas period, we’ve all got some making up to do.

Besides, going alcohol-free for 31 days will help you with pinching the pennies, which every lagom lover should be doing. Also it is a better excuse than the gym when your friends ask why you aren’t coming to the pub.

2. Make a spreadsheet for your finances.

Klaus Vedfelt via Getty Images

You can practically hear your dad punching the air in delight. Lagom wants us to all be a little more sensible with our spending. Less treat yo’ self and more save and consider. Invest for the future, you know?

3. Organise your fridge and plan your meals.


If you have a tendency to get home after a long day at work and use your empty fridge as an excuse to get a takeaway, this one if for you friend. Plan your meals in advance, shop accordingly. Basically stop giving Pret all your money at lunch time. You’ll be surprised how much you save, in terms of money and food waste.

4. Take a shower instead of a bath.

Alija via Getty Images

A luxurious long bath might be one of the saving graces of winter hibernation but if you want to lagom this year, you’re going to have to consider switching to a shower as your preferred method of self-cleaning.

Of course, save up all the bath bombs and have a soak every once in a blue moon, but make it a treat rather than a daily ritual.

5. Use the tumble dryer sparingly.

Tyler Olson via Getty Images

For those of us who don’t have the luxury of a tumble dryer, this is already feeling like a win (apart from missing out on the fluffy towels).

But everyone else should try and use a dryer instead of the machine every one in a while. Saving money on bills and unnecessary energy, you’re nailing lagom.

6. Turn down the thermostat at night.

Martin Barraud via Getty Images

We might build up to this one, so that it nicely coincides with summer time in the UK, because no matter how Scandinavian we want to feel, we’re not sure we’ll ever get out of bed in the morning if the house is freezing cold. Still, would be good to cut those heating bills down.