13/03/2017 12:19 GMT | Updated 13/03/2017 12:33 GMT

Revealed: The Most Lame Excuses People Have Given For Cancelling A Date

Eye roll 🙄

When you’ve put time in to getting to know someone and are at the point where you’re ready to date, the last thing you want is for them to bail last minute. And if that does happen, they should at least come up with a decent (and believable) excuse for their flakiness.   

Sadly, a lot of the time that just doesn’t happen.

Redditors have shared the most ridiculous excuses they’ve either received or given for cancelling a date. From the person who said they had to buy shampoo for their sister, to the woman whose ‘boyfriend in Germany saved her from a lightning strike’ (yes, really), here are their stories...

1. The hangry and completely unreasonable one.

“I’m really hungry, I need to eat.” We were going out to dinner.



2. The fake work call.

She texted me a couple hours before the date to let me know that she had been called into work. Then I saw her amazing night out via Snapchat.



3. The brutally honest one. 

“I was never actually free for tomorrow. I just assumed you’d forget or cancel.”



4. The excuse that came after a no-show. 

“Sorry, I didn’t want you to drive all the way out here...”

Sent two hours after our date was supposed to be and he didn’t show up.



5. The sisterly shampoo emergency.

“I have to buy my sister shampoo.”

We ended up rescheduling and we’re dating now.



6. The guy with the surprise wife. 

“My wife is home, so I can’t leave right now.”



7. The background noise that got in the way.

A woman called and cancelled on me an hour before a week night date because when she had called to confirm the date two days earlier I told her ‘sorry it’s loud, I’m at a Super Bowl party’.

Her reason for cancelling was because it was too loud in the background when she called to confirm said date.



8. The excuse that’s straight out of a movie.

“My boyfriend in Germany saved me from a lightning strike.”

I’m not sure how she got to Germany in an afternoon, why she didn’t tell me she had a boyfriend, or how lightning struck on a beautiful day in the area of Germany she said she was in. But that was her excuse.



9. The committed pet-sitter.

“I have to watch my roommates dog.” Oh... okay...



10. The literal sh*t storm.

“Ok, I know how it’ll sound, but I kinda shitted my pants... Let’s move our date for tomorrow, ok?”



11. The dedicated babyteensitter.  

“I had to babysit my sister.” (Sister was 16, had her own car.)



12. The disruptive cold sore.

First time I invited my now SO (significant other) around for adult times he said, as we pulled up to my door: “I can’t come in. I’m getting a cold sore”.

I really didn’t have a response to that. I had never encountered that used as a legitimate reason to end a date.



13. The one who should probably invest in CCTV. 

“I have to watch the property.”