7 Laundry Baskets From Amazon To Make Life Admin A Little More Exciting

Because being an adult doesn't need to be boring.

We’re not going to pretend that adult responsibilities - washing, ironing, paying bills, cooking three meals a day that aren’t just carbohydrates - are that much fun. But there are definitely ways you can make them more enjoyable.

One such way treating yourself to a laundry basket shaped like a shark, covered in pompoms or bright colours. Hey, at least you’ve got something to make you smile when you’re doing life admin.

And who knows, you might even finally remember to put your socks in it rather than on the floor?

Inwagui laundry basket with pompoms, Amazon £13.99

To be honest we are complete suckers for anything with pompoms on it - and this is right up our street. Not only is it make from eco-friendly and natural jute material, it has a linen lining so it feels more expensive than it actually is.

Dimensions: W14.2″ x H15.7″ / W36 cm x H40 cm.

Lifewit laundry hamper, Amazon, £16.99

This giant (yes, 71 litres) of laundry basket is for those of us who tend to do washing on a slightly less regular basis than perhaps we should (ahem). Although it’s so big by the time you’ve filled it up you’ll probably be running out of underwear. Bonus - it’s collapsible so you can squeeze it in anywhere.

Dimensions: W40 x D30 x H60 cm / 15.74 x 11.81 x 23.6 inch.

Antique willow square basket, Amazon, £27.79

This willow basket is a more traditional laundry hamper and is probably good if you want to have your basket on display rather than hidden away in a cupboard. Not only is it made 100% of willow on the exterior but it has a linen lining which can be removed and washed if it gets grubby.

Dimensions: W34 x D434 x H51cm.

Buy here.

Woven seagrass laundry basket, Amazon, £4.96

Okay maybe this isn’t strictly a laundry basket, but hey we’re trying to do something fun here. This seagrass basket would be perfect for someone who maybe lives alone or doesn’t have too much washing to do. Otherwise it’s going to fill up pretty fast. On the plus side, it does look adorable.

Dimensions: 27cm in diameter.

Dirty clothes shark, Amazon, £13

Yes, we went there. The clothes shark. Amazon says this is for children but to be honest we respect any adult who wants to have a shark eat their clothes. Made from 100% felt cloth, this is durable and collapsible so you can always fold it away if you have guests and feel embarrassed.

Dimensions: W34cm x H55cm.

Canvas laundry basket, Amazon, £3.45

We’re all about geometric prints on our interiors, and in this nice dove grey shade, this basket is cheap but ticks all the boxes. Not only that but it’s pretty big so won’t need emptying every other day of the week.

Dimensions: 37cm diameter.

Cotton rope laundry basket, Amazon, £25.99

This is a basket your mum would be proud of (no that’s not a criticism). Sturdy, functional, and not too hard on the eyes. This is a laundry basket for a grown up who is getting their life together. We stan.

Dimensions: D15.7″ x H19.7″.

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