13/09/2016 15:45 BST | Updated 14/09/2016 12:29 BST

All Parents Will Be Able To Relate To These Hilariously Accurate Illustrations Of Raising Children

'I flushed the toilet before you saw the poo.'

Illustrator Laura Quick has perfectly summed up the pain of parenting with her new book of illustrations, ‘The Quick Guide To Parenting’.

After months spent recording her children’s daily activities, Quick says the book was designed to help other parents: “By sharing our weaknesses and ‘What should I do nows?’ with each other we can remove the perfect parenting pressure we all place on ourselves.”

Now if only we could get a second alone to read it...

  • September 3rd
    September 3rd
    Laura Quick
  • Charming
    Laura Quick
  • Accidental Phallus
    Accidental Phallus
    Laura Quick
  • Me Time
    Me Time
    Laura Quick
  • Extremely Tight Cuddles For Baby Sister
    Extremely Tight Cuddles For Baby Sister
    Laura Quick
  • Toilet Training
    Toilet Training
    Laura Quick
  • Another 3-Year-Old Test
    Another 3-Year-Old Test
    Laura Quick
  • Don't Look At Me
    Don't Look At Me
    Laura Quick
  • Did You Clean Up The Wee?
    Did You Clean Up The Wee?
    Laura Quick

The Quick Guide to Parenting by Laura Quick, £9.99 published by Portico, is out now.