Laura Trott And Jason Kenny Ask For Donations To Dementia Charity Instead Of Wedding Gifts

It's a matter close to both of their hearts.

This weekend, Laura Trott and Jason Kenny married in a private ceremony attended by close friends and family.

While news of their marriage swept the nation, there was one pretty big detail that didn’t quite make it to headline level.

The Olympic golden couple had asked attendees to donate money to a dementia charity, rather than buy them gifts.

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The pair set up a Just Giving page called ‘Laura Trott & Jason Kenny’s Wedding’ so people could donate money to Dementia UK.

They wrote on the page: “We have been living together now for a couple of years, so we have all the pots and pans we need.

“We would like to raise some money for Dementia UK. It is a charity which is close to both us and our families.”

Trott and Kenny’s grandmothers both suffered from the disease and, as such, they want to raise money to “find a cure” for the degenerative condition.

So far they have raised almost £4,000 for the dementia charity.

One anonymous donator commented on the page: “No surprises you’ve done things your way! A couple to be admired both on and off the cycle track and a true inspiration to young and old alike. Stay just the way you are guys.”

Another simply added: “Congratulations on your wedding, the Olympics and your selfless wedding gift.”

Martin Bishop, director of fundraising and communications at Dementia UK, said: “We’re thrilled that Laura and Jason thought of Dementia UK on their special day. It will make such a difference to our work.

“Everyone at the charity wishes the newlyweds all the very best for their future together.”

You can donate to the couple’s Dementia UK/Just Giving page here.