Leaving A Voicemail Is About To Change Forever (And For The Better)

iOS 17 is pulling out all the stops.
LordHenriVoton via Getty Images

Apple’s iPhone event on September 12th is fast approaching – and so is iOS 17.

First announced at Apple’s WWDC conference in June, iPhone users with access to the Apple Beta Software Program have been trialling the new system for quite a while now.

@katamogz shows off a few of her new favourite features here:

So, what can I expect?

If you’re big on keeping your security secure and your privacy private, you’re going to love:

Link Tracking Protection

Using Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature, Link Tracking Protection prevents websites and apps from tracking you. It also stops websites from adding extra information about you to their URLs for marketing purposes. Apple does this in iOS 17 by removing tracking URLs from links you send in your messages, mail, and Safari.

“Privacy is designed into every new Apple product and feature from the beginning,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering. “We are focused on keeping our users in the driver’s seat when it comes to their data by continuing to provide industry-leading privacy features and the best data security in the world.”


When using iOS 17, anyone with an Apple ID will be given a Passkey. How does it work, you ask? It means you can use this new authentication method anywhere you want to sign in using your Apple ID without using your password, Face ID or Touch ID.

Okay… what else?

Live Voicemail

This brand-new feature lets you see who’s calling via live transcription on your screen when whoever’s calling leaves a voicemail. It also allows you to pick up the call while they leave the voicemail – just in case it ends up being important.

AppleInsider.com explains this new feature “can particularly benefit people with hearing impairments or who prefer visual information over audio.” They said, “The live transcription provides an accessible way to understand voicemail messages.”


This feature lets you share your details with someone else with privacy and ease, quite similar to AirDrop – it uses an encrypted connection.

Personal Voice

In the unfortunate event you lose your voice in the future, Personal Voice uses an “impressive capability that lets users bank their voice in the event they lose it in the future,” 9to5mac.com states. “Whether for those with a degenerative disease or if you just like to be prepared, Personal Voice makes it easy to create and securely store a replica of your voice.”

When can I get it?

Although there hasn’t been a confirmed release date from Apple yet, reports show that they tend to release their brand-new software only a few days after they announce their new iPhones – so if that’s the case, chances are you’ll be using these new features mid-September.