Everything About This Lego Wedding Cake Is Awesome

Woah 😮

If Lego was your first love and you’re getting married this year, we’ve found the perfect cake for you...

This Lego-inspired masterpiece was shared on Reddit by user Emzkel91, who sang at the themed wedding and felt compelled to take a pic.

“Everything was Lego themed - I had to sing ‘Everything Is Awesome’ for the first dance,” she explained.

From one side, each tier looks like a traditional wedding cake. But on the other side, the white icing peels back to unveil colourful Lego blocks beneath.

On each layer, tiny Lego characters are at work, giving the overall effect that they’re building the cake.

Unsurprisingly, the work of art has been viewed more than 700,000 times on Imgur in less than 11 hours.

Hat’s off to the baker.