Watch Zac Goldsmith Spectacularly Fail To Understand How Leicester City Won The Premier League

He really should stay away from football

Zac Goldsmith made yet another gaffe today as he tried to compare himself to new Premier League Champions Leicester City.

Speaking on LBC Radio this morning, the Tory Mayoral candidate – who is trailing in the polls to his Labour rival Sadiq Khan – claimed he was “hoping to do Leicester City here: zoom in from behind and win on May 5.”

Unfortunately for Goldsmith, Leicester did not “zoom in from behind” – but actually initially topped the table in August, and cruised to the title after regaining pole position in January.

Twitter users were quick to spot Goldsmith’s gaffe

It is not the first time Goldsmith has come unstuck when talking about football, as earlier this year he was unable to remember that London club QPR played their home games at Loftus Road – despite meeting with the club’s players just weeks before.

His Leicester gaffe comes just days after he gave a car crash interview in which he claimed to love Bollywood cinema, but was unable to name a single film or actor.

Goldsmith is of course not the first Old Etonian Tory to goof when it comes to talking about football. Last year, David Cameron urged people to cheer on West Ham, despite previously claiming to be an Aston Villa fan.

Leicester CIty Celebrate Premier League Win