26/12/2017 14:05 GMT | Updated 26/12/2017 18:29 GMT

Lewis Hamilton Apologises After Being Accused Of 'Publicly Shaming' Young Nephew For Wearing A Dress

The F1 star told the boy: 'Boys don't wear princess dresses.'

Lewis Hamilton has apologised after facing criticism for telling his young nephew: “Boys don’t wear princess dresses.” 

The Formula One driver shared a video of the young boy wearing a pink and purple dress to his Instagram account, telling the camera: “I’m so sad right now, look at my nephew.

“Why are you wearing a princess dress,” he asks the smiling child. “Is this what you got for Christmas? Why did you ask for a princess dress for Christmas?” 

The 32-year-old ended the 13 second recording by exclaiming: “Boys don’t wear princess dresses.” 

But Hamilton apologised for his comments in a string of tweets on Tuesday evening:

The video caused a storm online, with many accusing Hamilton of “publicly shaming” his nephew. 

One man wrote on Twitter: “Have I literally just watched @LewisHamilton openly shame his little nephew on Insta stories for wearing a princess dress, which he asked for as a Christmas gift? Just wow.” 

Another woman added: “Lewis Hamilton’s words have actually made me feel sick. Can’t believe he did that.

“That smiley little boy was simply enjoying wearing a Christmas gift that he really wanted. Who cares if it’s a dress!” 

Hamilton has since deleted the video from his Instagram account. 

HuffPost UK have reached out to the driver’s team for comment.