02/10/2017 21:59 BST | Updated 03/10/2017 09:41 BST

'Liar' Episode 4 Review: 11 Burning Questions We Have After ITV Drama Gets Horribly Dark

It really was a chilling episode.


Viewers of ‘Liar’ who thought there could have been another explanation behind Andrew Earlham’s attack on Laura Neilson have had their theories put to bed, after the ITV drama aired a particularly dark episode on Monday (2 October). 

It was revealed that Andrew is a serial rapist, as he shockingly drugged and raped police officer DI Harmon, following her rejection of him last week

As Laura paid a visit to Scotland to discover more about the circumstances in which Andrew’s ex-wife died, she also uncovered some shocking truths about his past. 

But while a lot of questions surrounding his innocence in relation to Laura’s case were answered by the episode, a whole load more were thrown up as a result. Here’s what had us scratching our heads this week...

Why did Laura not call the police after finding the earring in her house?

She claimed to have her reasons for not doing so, but surely she’d have thought about the potential of forensic evidence which could have proved Andrew was in her flat?

What was Mary’s mother hiding?

After Laura travelled to Scotland to meet the mother of Andrew’s late wife Mary, she admitted her daughter was “not a well girl” before she died, claiming the “the darkness swallowed her whole”. But Laura seemed to get the impression she was hiding something, which became even more clear later on in the episode. 

Did Andrew also rape Katherine?

After Laura met Mary’s best friend, Katherine described how she’d slept with Andrew and had been led to believe she had initiated it. But she described the feeling of being drugged, and came to the conclusion Andrew must have raped her. 


Did Mary know about Andrew’s true colours before she died?

Katherine admitted Mary knew she and Andrew had slept together, explaining how she took her own life shortly after finding out. But did she suspect he had assaulted Katherine too? Had she known about Andrew’s dark side for a while and reached breaking point, or did this push her to the edge? 

Does Tom have a dark side?

We’ve had our suspicious about Tom for a while now, but there was something seriously uncomfortable about the scene where he was trying to have sex with Katy in the kitchen, even threatening to tell Liam about their affair when she rejected him. Is this a clue he could somehow be involved with Andrew?

Why did Katherine decide not to come back with Laura?

Despite previously vowing to help take Andrew down, Katherine suddenly told Laura that something had “come up” and they “were not the same”, backtracking on her claims Andrew had assaulted her. It then appeared Mary’s mum had gotten to her first, but what did she say to Katherine?

How did Andrew manage to break into DI Harmon’s house?

We know he managed to retrieve a key during his first visit, enabling his entry for when he returned to assault her, but how did he get in the first time around?


Is there more to the guy Laura met in Scotland?

Or was he just there to show Laura that life can move on? 

Was there someone else in Andrew’s house when Laura went over?

The shot from behind the blinds through the window seemed to imply he wasn’t in the house alone...

Has DI Harmon had a miscarriage? 

During the episode, we discovered the police officer is expecting a child with her wife, but after Andrew broke into her house and raped her, she awoke to discover she was bleeding. This could have just been the result of a serious sexual assault, but could also point to the fact there could be something wrong with her unborn child - possibly as a result of the drugs Andrew put in her smoothie. 


What is Laura planning to do with the GHB Tom gave her?

Now being sued for defamation, Laura seemed intent on revenge against Andrew and enlisted her ex to get his hands on some GHB - the same drug Laura believes Andrew used to rape her. But what exactly is she intending to do with it?

‘Liar’ continues next Monday at 9pm on ITV. 

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