'Liar' Episode 5 Review: Nine Burning Questions And One Big Theory As Joanne Froggatt's ITV Drama Nears Finale

Laura sought revenge on Andrew, but not everything went to plan.

If last week’s episode of ITV’s thriller ‘Liar’ was horribly dark, this week’s was terrifyingly chilling, as a heart-stoppingly tense cat and mouse chase played out around a harbour side.

After it became clear Andrew was even more disturbed and dangerous than we could have imagined, Laura resorted to some extreme measures to try and get justice for what he did to her, but all did not go to plan.

Now, hurtling towards the final episode, there’s still a lot of answers left to be unearthed, including the ones to this fresh set of burning questions...


How did Laura ever intend on getting in the male changing rooms?

Laura’s original plan to plant GHB in Andrew’s locker in the hospital seemed pretty flawed, but she still seemed determined to get in the male changing rooms after entering the hospital using her sister’s pass. We guess we’ll never know how she intended to do it now.

How long was Katy and Tom’s affair going on?

Katy and Tom’s secret romance is now out in the open (and all thanks to an umbrella), but whether it overlapped with Tom’s relationship with Laura still seems to be a bit ambiguous. We’re guessing this could be relevant to the developments in the final episode.. unless it’s just a minor oversight from the script.

What’s in the suitcase Andrew stored in his mum’s garage?

While we discovered Andrew was storing supplies of GHB and a series of memory cards in his mum’s outhouse, we never saw what was inside the suitcase he brought over with him to put in there.

Did he film all of his attacks?

It was strongly suggested Andrew has filmed all of his attacks, following the revelation he was keeping a collection of memory cards, one of which he was seen using to replay footage in the outhouse.

Will this be discovered and provide the key piece of evidence to bring him to justice?


Will Andrew attack his mum’s carer?

We have a horrible fear she could be the one to work out what Andrew his hiding in the outhouse, and are already worried for her safety.

What happened between Andrew and his mum?

When Laura brought up the subject of his mother and implied there was issues between them, the look on Andrew’s face suggested she had really hit home.

What was Laura intending to do with the knife she was carrying?

After drugging and kidnapping Andrew, as part of her plan to make it appear he’d raped her a second time, we saw her briefly brandishing a blade while she had him tied up.

There was a real moment where we thought she was going to use it on him, but ultimately she didn’t. Was the knife just there as a red herring to make us believe she was going to hurt him, or did she change her plan at the last minute?


Why didn’t Laura tie Andrew up better?

For a plan that was so well thought through, Laura seemingly did a terrible job of tying Andrew up.

Is Andrew setting up the attacks for someone else to sexually abuse these women?

He seemed chillingly confident when he told DI Harmon she would never be able to find evidence to support the fact he raped her - is that because it wouldn’t be his DNA found on her, but someone else’s?

Don’t forget that while we saw Andrew in her house last week, we never actually saw what happened next. Could it be that someone else is actually raping these women, with Andrew acting as a facilitator? If so, who is this second person he is working with? We’ve had our suspicious about Tom for weeks now...

‘Liar’ concludes next Monday (16 October) at 9pm on ITV.

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