26/09/2017 13:52 BST

'Liar' Fans Share Their Theories After ITV Drama Drops A Huge Bombshell

Some are more convincing than others.


Warning! Contains spoilers from ‘Liar’ episode three.

Viewers of ITV’s latest thriller ‘Liar’ had a bombshell dropped on them during Monday’s (25 September) episode, when it was revealed Andrew Earlham is the one who hasn’t been telling the truth.

Or was it?

While it was certainly suggested Andrew did rape Laura Nielson, with a flashback scene showing him put something in her drink, fans have taken to Twitter to share their theories on why it may not actually be as straight forward as that.

With three episodes of the series left to go, many have speculated that others could be involved somehow, and while there is no denying Laura has been raped, there could be more twists ahead.  

Some fans discussed how someone other than Andrew could have raped Laura

Suspects include Andrew’s son, the taxi driver who drove her to the date, and her ex-boyfriend Tom: 

Some believe he could have been putting Viagra in his own drink, rather than a drug in Laura’s:

Some also pointed out the fact Andrew is diabetic, and he could have been putting insulin in his drink: 

While it was assumed Andrew put the earring on the rabbit in Laura’s living room, one thought it could have been Tom: 

They were not the only one who is convinced the ex-boyfriend and sister - who are having an affair - have a bigger part to play: 

Which theory do you believe? Perhaps you have your own - tweet us @HuffPostUKEnt. 

‘Liar’ continues next Monday at 9pm on ITV. 

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