Liar Series 2: The 7 Burning Questions Episode 2 Left Us With

The hunt for Andrew Earlham's killer continued apace on Monday night.

Laura Nielson is currently living another nightmare in ITV thriller Liar.

After finally being able to prove Andrew Earlham raped her during the last series, Joanne Froggatt’s character is now facing a second fight for justice after being arrested for her attacker’s murder.

Monday night’s instalment of the hit drama saw Laura released on bail, as coppers Fenton and Maxwell now attempt to gather more evidence against her.

But if it’s one thing we learned during the episode is that other people still have a lot to hide, as a light was shone on some other potential suspects.

Here’s the burning questions we’ve been left asking this week...


How did Andrew’s blood get on the car key?

As yet, we still don’t know how the key to Andrew’s car came to be in Laura’s bedside drawer, let alone how it came to be that it was covered in his blood when found by police.

However, was Fenton lying about this fact when she revealed it to Laura during questioning? We do know that she’s clearly one for using tactics in her interrogations.

What happened to Laura’s necklace after Andrew stole it?

After breaking into her flat, Andrew stole one of Laura’s necklaces, and we have a horrible feeling it is going to turn up at a very inconvenient moment and further link her to his murder.

The fact he had the piece of jewellery is his possession could also add weight to the popular theory he set up own death to frame Laura.

Is this the last we’ve seen of Ian?


After Ian was taken in for questioning about Andrew’s murder, he was released without charge, with a courier able to vouch for his whereabouts.

As Laura later pressed him on his previous conviction for assault, he admitted that he had attacked a man after he said something derogatory about his disabled sister.

With all parts of his story seeming to check out, is this one suspect we can now officially cross off the list?

How did Carl get the boat Andrew was staying on back to his without raising suspicion?

At the end of the episode, we saw that Carl visited Andrew at the boat he was hiding on, intent on getting revenge for raping Winnie.

He then somehow must have gotten the boat back to water near his property – but how was he able to do so without questions being asked? And surely even more questions will be asked now he’s set it alight?

Did Carl kill Andrew?


We’re going to go out on a limb here and say no – at least we’ll say that Carl certainly didn’t kill Andrew during that particular confrontation we witnessed the start of at the end of the episode.

Why? Well, it’s because of the timelines.

Their meeting took place at night and we know that Andrew died at around 6am. We also know that he and Laura meet a final time before his death, which we are still yet to see.

Was Olly in cahoots with Andrew over his attacks?

This episode started to explore Andrew’s past connection to friend Olly, as it was revealed Olly knew about the recordings of his attacks.

Does this suggest the pair were originally in it together? If so, what does Olly’s return to Kent mean? Could we see him go on to become a suspect?


Just how did Laura’s solicitor’s hair grow so quickly?!

The last time we saw her was in Fleabag, and she was looking a lot like this:



Liar continues next Monday at 9pm on ITV.


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