Library Evacuated After ‘World’s Smelliest Fruit’ Mistaken For Gas Leak

'The building is completely safe!'

An Australian university library had to be evacuated after it was flooded by “lingering gas-like smell” – caused by a piece of fruit.

Fire and rescue teams were scrambled to the University of Canberra library on Friday afternoon after the suspected gas leak, as specialist crews wearing masks searched the building.

One hour later the source of the stench was discovered – a durian fruit.

The library announced the step-down on its Facebook page: “We are open! The lingering gas-like smell in the building is completely safe - someone left a durian fruit in one of our bins!”

It later updated its Facebook profile picture to a silhouette of a durian with a line struck through it.

Durian is a tropical fruit known which is apparently the “smelliest fruit in the world.”

The smell of durian fruit, of which there are many different varieties, has been compared to raw sewage and rotting flesh by some people – or onions and meat at best. Its flesh is described as tasting “custardy.”

It is commonly banned from hotel rooms and public transport across South East Asia.


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