Lily Allen's 'Emotional' Reaction To The Labour Manifesto Actually Had People Believing She Was Crying

Apparently some people haven't heard of a little thing called a filter.

Lily Allen has tricked some people into believing she’d had an emotional reaction to the Labour manifesto.

The singer posted a video of her appearing to be moved by the party’s election pledges, which leader Jeremy Corbyn unveiled on Thursday.

It showed Lily using a filter on the Tik Tok app that simulated tears.

She then remarks: “Guys, I’ve just watched the Labour manifesto.”

In a separate post she concludes: “I think it’s the best manifesto I’ve ever seen.”

And while the post was clearly tongue-in-cheek, there were certain corners of the internet who believed Lily was actually crying, with some news outlets also reporting it as truth.

Of course, her long-term foe Piers Morgan had something to say about it, writing on Twitter: “Christ”.

Luckily, there were some people keen to point out that Lily was not crying real tears...

Lily has regularly spoken out against the current government and the Conservative party and had earlier shared a photo of her polling card on Instagram with the caption “Tories OUT”.

After the Labour Party’s manifesto was released, leader Jeremy Corbyn hailed its “radical” and “ambitious” vision.

It includes plans to tax the very highest earners to fund investment in public services.

There are also proposals to renationalise some services, including Royal Mail.

The ability of Labour to raise their stated sums by tax have been branded “quite doubtful” by the Institute of Fiscal Studies.