Linda Robson Calls For ‘Zero Tolerance’ On Knife Crime, A Decade After Her Son Watched His Friend Die

'Never mind woodwork classes, lessons on knife crime should be in all secondary schools.'

Linda Robson has added her voice to ongoing conversation about knife crime, calling for “more policing and zero tolerance”.

While the 60-year-old is best known to the public for her various TV roles, she has campaigned for tougher knife crime laws on numerous occasions.

Her latest comments come 10 years after her son held his friend, Ben Kinsella, in his arms as he died after being stabbed.

Linda’s son, Louis, and Ben - the brother of former ‘EastEnders’ star Brooke Kinsella - were out celebrating the end of their GCSEs when the unprovoked knife attack took place. They were both 16 at the time.

Linda Robson
Linda Robson
Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

The Ben Kinsella Trust was founded by Ben’s family in 2008 and they work to “educate young people; to provide advice, support and guidance with the aim of raising self esteem so that young people can resist peer pressure and make positive life choices”.

In 2011, actress Brooke - who is a trustee of the organisation - was awarded an MBE for her work to prevent knife crime.

Brooke is also working with ‘EastEnders’ on an upcoming knife crime storyline.


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