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Lisa Riley Breaks Down On 'Loose Women' Ahead Of Surgery To Remove Excess Skin

'The ultimate fear that I’m not going to wake up.'

Lisa Riley broke down in tears on Wednesday’s (15 February) ‘Loose Women’, as she admitted fears about her upcoming surgery to remove her excess skin. 

The former ‘Emmerdale’ actress is going under the knife following her incredible six stone weight loss, but revealed to her fellow panellists she has “the ultimate fear that I’m not going to wake up”. 

Making her final appearance on the ITV daytime show before her surgery, Lisa became emotional as she talked about it with Andrea McLean, Jane Moore and Anne Diamond.  

Rex/ITV/Ken McKay
Lisa Riley broke down on 'Loose Women'

“I suppose I’m putting a bit of a front on, you girls saw me get upset this morning,” she said. 

“I just personally want to thank all the ‘Loose Women’ viewers, and the support I have on social media has been unbelievable and I hope that’s going to get me through the next five weeks, which is going to be desperately hard.”

She continued: “People have judged me and said what they want to say but, excuse the pun, I’ve become thick skinned.

“I’ve got to go into this with my eyes wide open but I’m petrified about it, look I’m shaking, about going under the anaesthetic.”

Rex/ITV/Ken McKay
Lisa is undergoing surgery to remove excess skin

As she was comforted by her co-stars, Lisa also explained the details of what her surgery entails. 

She said: “It’s in two parts with the first part coming up now, which is all the excess skin here [pointing to her stomach] and all the back fat I have, the inside of my thighs and my lady garden as well - that’s going to get tugged, I can’t say that can I! I’m sorry I said that!

“That’s the first part, the second part will be my breasts and my under arms.”

Doug Peters/Doug Peters
Lisa has undergone an incredible transformation

Lisa lost weight after deciding to cut out alcohol and overhaul her diet, as well as taking regular exercise, including Zumba and yoga classes.

She previously revealed that she was inspired to make lifestyle changes after her father had a cancer scare and was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

Prior to her realisation, she claimed she was “subconsciously comfort-eating and binge-drinking” to cope with her mother’s death in 2012.

‘Loose Women’ airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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