26/08/2017 13:04 BST

Lisa Riley Reveals Why She Felt Like She'd Won 'The Booby Prize' After 11 Stone Weight Loss

'I looked worse than I did when I was obese.'

Lisa Riley has opened up about how being left with a stone-and-a-half of excess skin following her astonishing weight loss made her feel like she’d “ended up with the booby prize”.

The ‘Loose Women’ star lost almost 12 stone after changing her lifestyle, but was left hating her body and in terrible pain from the folds of skin it left her with.

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Lisa Riley
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Lisa has lost nearly 12 stone

She previously revealed that she was inspired to make lifestyle changes after her father had a cancer scare and was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

Prior to her realisation, she claimed she was “subconsciously comfort-eating and binge-drinking” to cope with her mother’s death in 2012.

She was previously forced to address claims she’d undergone gastric band surgery to aid her weight loss telling the Daily Mail: “If one more person asks me about a gastric band then I swear I will be tempted to cut myself open and show people there’s nothing there.

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