Lisa Stansfield Addresses 'Embarrassing' 'BBC Breakfast' Interview

Nice hat, though.

Lisa Stansfield has spoken out, after it was suggested by some viewers that she may have been drunk during her appearance on Friday morning’s (22 April) ‘BBC Breakfast’.

The 80s singer was appearing on the show to talk about Prince, following his death on Thursday at the age of 57.

However, it wasn’t her anecdotes that got everyone talking, but a rather inappropriate question she put to presenter Naga Munchetty afterwards.

Good hat
Good hat

Lisa kicked off the Prince reminiscing with a story about meeting him in a nightclub in Rio, where her mother told him he had “little hands… like a boy”.

Naga then continued with her own story about how she danced with the pop icon on her 21st birthday.

She explained: “I was out with friends and he always had really big bodyguards around him. And they approached me and said, ‘our boss would like to talk to you’. So I said, ‘who’s your boss?’”

After discovering the “boss” in question was none other than music legend Prince, she continued: “He wanted to have a dance with me! So I danced to his latest single and met him and had a chat with him… it was the talk of the university when I went back.”

Naga shares her own Prince story
Naga shares her own Prince story

Perhaps forgetting where she was, as Naga wrapped up the segment, Lisa interjected: “And did everyone say, ‘did ya or didn’t ya?’”

Co-presenter Charlie Stayt was quick to jump in, remarking: “That’s where we stop the story”, to raucaous laughter from Lisa and a faux-shocked “How very dare you!” from Naga.

Lisa Stansfield is not afraid to laugh at her own jokes
Lisa Stansfield is not afraid to laugh at her own jokes

Unsurprisingly, Lisa’s appearance on the show got a lot of attention on social media…

As Lisa’s name rose up the UK trending topics on Twitter, though, other viewers leapt to her defence, insisting she made for an interesting interview if nothing else.

Addressing people's concerns, a representative for Lisa insisted: "No, of course she wasn’t drunk. Lisa has a very effervescent personality and is always a lively interviewee."

Watch her full interview here, and let us know whether you think Lisa crossed a line in the comments below:

This isn’t the first time Lisa has raised eyebrows on breakfast telly, having sported a necklace emblazoned with the C-bomb during an appearance on ‘Good Morning Britain’ back in 2014.

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