18/05/2017 17:07 BST

‘Little Boy Blue’ Praised For ‘Not Glorifying Anything’ By Rhys Jones’s Dad Steve, In First Interview Since Drama Aired

Steve was speaking for the first time since the drama aired.

Steve Jones, the father of murdered schoolboy Rhys Jones, has praised the ITV drama made about his son’s death, stating that it “didn’t glorify” any of the events that happened to his family back in 2007.

In his first interview since four-part series ‘Little Boy Blue’ aired, Steve has shared his gratitude with the drama’s cast and crew, explaining that he and his wife, Mel, were invited to watch scenes being filmed.

Phil Noble / Reuters
Mel and Steve outside Liverpool Crown Court in 2008, when their son's murderer had just been found guilty 
ITV Pictures
Sinead Keenan and Brian F O'Byrne depicted Rhys's mum and dad

Steve also explained that, obviously, some real-life events were left out of the four hours that made it television, before adding that creator Jeff Pope “produced an excellent drama, and they kept us updated with the events along the way”.

“The offer was always there to watch the filming, but for Mel it’s still very raw,” he said.

Ho New / Reuters
Rhys's death let to an outpouring of grief and support, up and down the country 

“There were sections of the drama - like Rhys being shot in the Fir Tree car park, and his funeral at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral - which we swerved, as they were too emotional.”

‘Little Boy Blue’ is one of a number of new British shows which dramatises tragic events that have taken place in recent history.

Earlier this year, Sheridan Smith was praised for her starring role in ‘The Moorside’, which told the story of Shannon Matthews’ faked abduction, while the BBC is midway through airing ‘Three Girls’ which tells the story of the Rochdale abuse scandal.

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