This Little Boy Is All Of Us Meeting Our Heroes

Play it cool.

They say you should never meet your heroes (because you’re more than likely to come away a little disappointed).

But for one little boy the moment so far surpassed his expectations that he was totally overwhelmed with emotion when he finally got his picture taken with his idols.

Quincy had been waiting all week to be able to show his local dustbin men his own toy rubbish truck.

But his mum, who posted the photograph to Imgur, said that in the moment, Quincy was “overwhelmed in the presence of his heroes”.

Hence the rather emotional face in the picture.

Commenters have been quick to support Quincy, reminding him that we’ve all been there, Fistymicstabbys said: “This kid speaks to me.”

Bryanew710 added: “My garbageman was nice enough to let my then three-year-old son pull the compactor lever (I held him up). The look of pure joy on his face.”

Just play it cool next time Quincy.