02/08/2017 10:22 BST

Toddler Waded Through Parents' Newly Cemented Floor And It Resulted In An Unexpected Memento


A little girl made a huge yet hilarious error when she decided to walk through her parents recently cemented floor.

Two-year-old Izzadora Millaway decided to take a trip down to the basement to see where her parents were, 45 minutes after the cement had been poured.

Jonathan Porter, owner of Porter Concrete Construction Company in Tennessee, US, shared photos of the aftermath on Facebook.

“Best concrete comedy,” he wrote on Facebook on 28 July. “Normally we see cats and dogs run or walk in concrete... but not this time.”

Porter continued: “This little girl was trying to go see her mum and dad, so she came from upstairs to the basement to find them.”

After capturing the moment on camera, Porter said he redid the floor with little hassle.

Little Izzadora is perfectly fine,” Porter wrote in the comments. “She was removed from the concrete and was properly washed off. She has no burns.

“We did keep a spot for the footprints and we also let her little brother add his.”

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