13 Tweets That Sum Up How Ridiculous Imposter Syndrome Is

'Just nodding like an awkward potato.'

Imposter Syndrome is no joke, but there is something to be said for trying to put our irrationalities into context.

To suffer with Imposter Syndrome is to have a complete inability to internalise accomplishments, coupled with a consistent fear of being exposed as a fraud, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

When you know other people feel like you do, it takes the pressure off (well, at least temporarily...)

1. Ignoring a lifetime of compliments.

2. Assuming everything in your life will self destruct for no reason.

3. Thinking you’re the only one who is still faking it till they make it.

4. Letting your irrational brain win when it has no right to.

5. Thinking that you have nothing worthy to contribute.

6. Second-guessing everyone else’s motives.

7. Forgetting that you only see what other people want you to see and not all their hard work.

8. Letting self doubt become a constant fixture in your life.

9. Ignoring praise and letting your insecurities grow.

10. Comparing yourself to others.

11. Feeling like you have to be the same as everyone else to achieve.

12. Thinking that you are the odd one out.

13. Wondering when everyone is going to discover you for who you really are.

You’ve got this shit nailed, honest.