28/09/2017 10:38 BST

This London Brewery Wants To Pay You To Drink Beer

Best job ever?

Attention beer lovers: a brewery is advertising for new beer tasters, meaning you’ll get paid to sip on your favourite tipple.

Meantime Brewing Company - the brewery behind London Lager, London Pale Ale and Yakima Red - are searching for part-time staff to try and rate new beverages. 

The job description, posted on LinkedIn, says the company is looking for “a passionate beer lover who can provide honest and objective feedback on different beer styles”.

You’ll also need to have reliable “tastebuds for detection” and a vast knowledge of beer.

“Do you know your Pale Ale from your IPA, chocolate malt from dark malt, Fuggles from Cascade hops?” the advert asks. 

izusek via Getty Images

The job is based in London and all taste-testing will take place at the company’s Greenwich brewery.  

 There is a catch though - although the company claims to be offering a “competitive salary”, the role is part-time and consists of just three hours per week.

Worse still, you won’t be able to use this gig for getting free drinks before a night out because the beer tasting will take place on a Friday morning.  

If that hasn’t put you off, the application process is quite simple.

To apply just write a 30-word post on LinkedIn stating why you should get the job, including the hashtag #pickmemeantime.

The company will then review your profile and shortlist three candidates for a final beer-tasting round. Happy days.