Young professionals are increasingly comfortable sharing their home with up to 545 flatmates.

So-called 'co-living' spaces are being developed in London and elsewhere as a packaged solution to the housing crisis.

As rents for private housing continue to rise, demand for rooms in shared blocks with added benefits such as an in-house gym and spa has soared.

“To speak of the British home today is to speak of unaffordable rent and an acute housing shortage”

- Shumi Bose

One resident at a new co-living space in North-West London told the Guardian: "I love all of the spaces here and the options to socialise and to have a private space that's completely your own."

Residents at The Collective, Old Oak, pay around £250 per week for a small single room with shared facilities.

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London Co-Living Sees Young Professionals Embrace Hundreds Of Flatmates

So-called 'co-living' is a new trend in London.

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