This Lonely Planet Antarctic Marriage Proposal Will Give You All The Chills

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A man guaranteed he would never be lonely in love again by proposing to his girlfriend using a Lonely Plant guide.

The unnamed romantic kept his plans a surprise by hiding engagement rings in a guide of Antarctica.

When the two reached an idyllic spot, he revealed his true agenda.

Their story was shared by Lonely Planet on Twitter, along with the caption: “We love the additional use these Lonely Planet fans have found for their Antarctica guide! Congrats guys!”

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Needless to say, the man’s girlfriend was a little surprised to see a ring hidden in the inconspicuous travel book.

Thankfully, a photographer was on hand to capture her reaction.

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An Antarctic proposal may not be your average engagement, but the man kept things a little traditional by getting down on one knee.

Just imagine what their honeymoon will be like.

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