'Long Lost Family': 16 Emotional Stages We Go Through During Every Episode

It involves a LOT of Kleenex.

Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell are back to reunite relatives or introduce them for the first time in a new series of ITV’s ‘Long Lost Family’.

Now in it’s sixth run, fans of the show will know what a weepfest it can be, as it explores cases of adoption, missing people and feuds that tore families apart.

But for those new to ‘Long Lost Family’, let us prepare you for the emotional rollercoaster with the 16 stages we go through during every episode...

1. Davina and Nicky introduce the people looking for missing relatives, and tell us their story of who they are searching for and why

2. The hunt to find them then begins

3. Sometimes they reach a stumbling block, and it looks like they may not be found

4. But almost always, the team manage to pull it off and track the missing family member down

5. However, then we have to wait to see if they actually want to reconnect with their long lost relative

6. And then they do and we’re all like...

7. Davina or Nicky then revisit the person searching for them to tell them they’ve been found

8. And then they’re handed a letter from their loved one to read

9. The day then comes where the two prepare to meet for the first time

10. They nervously walk to their meeting point

11. Before finally being reunited

12. The floodgates are then well and truly opened

13. And we literally can not stop weeping

14. The searchee tells the searcher they are so sorry for not being there, but are told it’s all forgotten

15. The pair then catch up on the last years of their lives that they’ve missed out on

16. And as the credit roll, we’re given an update telling us that they’ve kept in touch and are now a part of each other’s lives

’Long Lost Family’ airs on Wednesdays at 9pm on ITV (Kleenex at the ready).

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