Loose Women's Coleen Nolan Hits Back At Claims She Bullied Katie Price

'What people don’t like is that we actually all get on.'

Coleen Nolan has hit back at claims she bullied Katie Price on ‘Loose Women’.

Some viewers of the ITV daytime show accused the star of bullying her fellow panellist and making her feel left out on Tuesday (2 August).

With many of their comments making headlines in various publications, Coleen addressed the issue at the top of Wednesday’s episode, admitting she was deeply upset at the accusations.

Coleen Nolan has hit back at bullying accusations
Coleen Nolan has hit back at bullying accusations

“I’m really upset and I’m really annoyed actually, because it is so not true. A, stop using the bullying word so frivolously, and also I would never... I hate bullies.

“The one person I wouldn’t dare to bully is Katie Price because she’d eat me alive!” she joked.

“I really enjoyed the show yesterday and there was nothing where I thought, ‘Oh you know, that was a bit difficult.’ We did nothing but laugh,” Coleen continued.

“I think what happened was she was on the end for the first time, and it is a difficult seat to be on if you’re not used to it - you feel a bit left out. And I think at one point she was just really quiet, and I don’t know whether people assumed...”

Coleen and Katie appeared together on Tuesday's show
Coleen and Katie appeared together on Tuesday's show

Attempting to shoot down popular belief that there is always tension between the women behind the scenes of the show, she went on: “What people don’t like to believe is that we do actually all get on. They all pick on me, even the magazines - there was a big thing about me and Ruth [Langsford] hating each other.

"People always go it’s chip paper tomorrow, but it's not. It really hurt."

Coleen then compared the matter to what fellow panellist Saira Khan is currently enduring in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house, at the hands of Stephen Bear and Marnie Simpson.

“Someone who's saying that is bullying has clearly never been bullied. What’s going on in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house with Saira [Khan] is bullying. What happened to Saira, that was pack mentality,” she said.

Viewers of the Channel 5 reality show called for Marnie to be removed from the ‘CBB’ house earlier this week, when she flashed her breasts in her Saira’s face, having been set a dare to issue a prank apology, following an earlier argument they’d had.

‘Loose Women’ airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.


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