11 Things Love Actually Teaches Us About Our Relationships

Love really is, all around.

Whether it is your festive go-to or it makes you cringe non-stop for 136 minutes, it is undeniable that ‘Love Actually’ has become a staple Christmas film.

Richard Curtis’ tale of romance - which was recently voted the UK’s favourite Christmas film - has us all wanting some action under the mistletoe, but it also teaches us 11 valuable lessons about relationships.

1. You aren’t the only one with a terrible ex-boyfriend.

2. You will be more successful on Tinder if you stop crying.

3. You should base all relationship goals on Titanic.

4. You should always try and pull at the Christmas party.

5. You can’t predict who you’ll fall in love with.

6. You can meet people in the most unlikely of places.

7. You shouldn’t go to a rural farmhouse if you’re already lonely.

8. You will rarely get love without some misery thrown in.

9. You should forgive your partner even if they think a CD is an acceptable Christmas present.

10. You can rely on your friends to keep you humble.

11. You can be obsessed with your best friend’s wife, as long as it looks Pinterest worthy.