06/06/2017 16:33 BST

'Love Island': Montana And Jessica's Relationship Takes Another Downward Turn

They've barely been in the villa five minutes.

Things have already taken an even more tense turn for Jessica Shears and Montana Brown in ‘Love Island’, after Jessica took Montana’s partner, Dom Lever, upon her arrival in the office.

The two already have one man in common, after discovering upon meeting one another that they dated the same guy for a brief period, and on their second day in the villa, Montana was determined to get to the bottom of why Jessica came in between her and Dom, who she felt were the best-suited pairing on the show.

Jessica reflects on the events of the past 24 hours

Venting to the rest of her contestants, Montana said: “I just think if you’re going to do that... fair enough I know she’s in a really tricky situation, she has to pick someone, it is really difficult, but me and Dom are the only couple that actually like each other.

“Come on, if I had to steal someone, I would not go ahead and just do that. Point blank. I think that’s really mean.”

Sensing an atmosphere, Jessica took Montana aside to try and clear the air, insisting: “Honestly babe, I feel bad doing it. I played with it all morning in my head and I literally had to go ‘right if I was here yesterday, who would I have stepped forward for?”

Montana is not impressed

When Montana pointed out that Dom hadn’t asked to be taken from her, Jessica interjected: “I can’t choose someone else and be inauthentic, because it’s gonna happen. We’re all playing a game. I am sorry, no hard feelings.”

Montana did have the chance to try and gain Dom’s affections - and therefore save herself from the chop later this week - seizing the opportunity to kiss him in front of the rest of the islanders as part of a task.

The two later shared several snogs over the course of the day, until fate interjected and Jessica got a text letting her know that it was time for her and Dom to go on their first date.

Dom and Montana in a private moment

When the pair returned from their rendez-vous, Montana took the opportunity to settle the score with Jessica, saying: “It’s day two. We’ve not really got to know anyone. Long story short, I don’t want any bad beef between us, I’ve no problem with you. If anything I reckon we’d actually really get along.

“Whatever happens, never personal. I will never speak behind your back if I’ve got a problem with you.”

Montana and Jessica finally get the chance to talk one-on-one

See how Jessica and Dom get on in their first date in tonight’s (6 June) ‘Love Island’, kicking off at 9pm on ITV2.

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