03/06/2017 17:32 BST

'Love Island' 2017: Olivia Attwood Reveals She Left Ex 'Terrified' During Break-Up Meltdown

It looks like we've got another Nikki Grahame on our hands.

This year’s ‘Love Island’ contestants may want to think twice before crossing Olivia Attwood in the villa. 

The motorsport grid girl, who is one those looking for love on the ITV2 reality series, has revealed how she destroyed a walk-in wardrobe during a break-up with her ex. 

'Love Island' contestant Olivia Attwood

Olivia admitted she often struggles to keep her emotions in check, and can often behave like infamous ‘Big Brother’ tantrum-thrower Nikki Grahame

Speaking to HuffPost UK and other journalists from Love Island’s home in Mallorca, she revealed: “My ex, when we split up, we had a walk-in wardrobe with all these bags of shoes, and he was going, ‘you’re so ungrateful, look at everything I’ve bought you’. I was like ‘really?’ and I started throwing everything out. I was even trying to take the shelves out of the cupboard.

“When I finished, the whole thing was empty and I was sweating, but it was the most satisfying thing ever. I wasn’t strong enough to remove the shelves so I was hanging off the railing trying to get them off. He was like, ‘are you proud of yourself?’, and I was like ‘yep’.

“He just stood there pretending like he was looking at me in disgust, but I could tell he was terrified, and that’s what kept me going.

“He’d pushed me too my breaking point. That was a dark time.”

Olivia is looking for love on the ITV2 reality show

She continued: “As I’m getting older, I am getting more control, but when I do have a meltdown, my mum always says, ‘you do realise you are a basket case?’.

“I’m trying to get control of my emotions but I can get like that sometimes, but not over something really trivial. It’s more when I’m hungover, tired or someone’s woken me up early. That’s it, I’m gone. Oh, and chewing loudly near me.”

Of how she thinks she will fare during some of the trickier moments in the villa, Olivia added: “I’m the nicest girl and I’m quite chilled, but I reach a point where I let people probe me for too long and then I snap. I don’t like looking for arguments, but if someone puts me in a corner...

“It’s really ugly for girls to be screaming and shouting, but I probably will do that at some point.”

The other Islanders should consider themselves well and truly warned. 

‘Love Island’ launches on Monday at 9pm on ITV2. 

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