17/06/2018 11:10 BST | Updated 18/06/2018 08:58 BST

'Love Island': 14 Ridiculous Things That Happend During Week 2 In The Villa

Will we EVER find out what Hayley's favourite animal is?

If you thought after *that* Brexit chat things could not get any more ridiculous in the ‘Love Island’ villa, you were proven wrong this week. 

That’s because between them all, the Islanders have served up even more gold - although most of the time, it has been when they haven’t intended to (we’re looking at you, Hayley). 

Here’s what made us laugh (lots) this week...

1. When Jack’s attempts at yoga failed miserably

2. When Hayley took a dislike to Charlie’s eyebrows

3. When Alex was literally the same colour as his T-shirt (which in itself was a choice)

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4. When Hayley didn’t know what an earlobe was

5. When Wes was all off us when the drama started kicking off

6. When Dani got her metaphors well and truly mixed up

7. When Hayley thought being asked about her favourite animal was “too deep”

8. When Alex gave himself a little pep talk before his date with Megan

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9. When Hayley got annoyed with the way Eyal breathes

10. When Dani insisted she wouldn’t be making Jack “ham and cheese croissants” every night, like that is a regular thing

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11. When Adam believed the northern star was something that only shone over Newcastle

12. When Eyal told the lads he “loves green things”

13. When Jack did a top impression of his future father-in-law (and of ‘Love Island’ narrator Iain Stirling too)

14. And we can’t forget to mention his and Dani’s impeccable Eyal take-off

‘Love Island’ continues on Sunday at 9pm on ITV2.

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