02/06/2019 08:57 BST | Updated 03/06/2019 09:57 BST

We Met Love Island 2019's Contestants And Here's Who We Think Should Couple Up

We reckon they could be 100% each other's type on paper.

After precisely zero couples from last year’s series stood the test of time, Love Island fans will be hoping there’s a better success rate as a new batch of singletons descend on the villa this week in the hope of finding love. 

We already know their identities, but ahead of the new series kicking off, HuffPost UK was among the select few who flew to Spain to give them a good old-fashioned grilling. 

And after speaking with all 12 of the new Islanders, it wasn’t long before we started playing Cilla and picking out potential couples. 

While only time will tell who will end up coupling up with who, here’s who we think should be putting their eggs in each others’ baskets...

Lucie and Tommy


We have a feeling that Lucie is going to make an absolute beeline for Tommy when she meets him. 

When asked what her ideal man would be, one of her first answers was immediately a boxer – and guess what Tommy just happens to be? 

Tommy also revealed his ideal woman was singer Pia Mia, who he claimed he would “put a ring on” if she entered the villa. 

While he can probably keep dreaming about that one, Lucie does bear a passing resemblance to the blonde star.

Yewande and Callum 


Yewande and Callum are the brain boxes of this year’s villa, working as a scientist and aircraft engineer respectively, and we can see their intelligence being instantly attractive to one another. 

They also both seem to have their heads very much screwed on and are looking for more than just someone who’s just nice to look at. 

“I’d love to be able to have a good conversation, laugh all the time, banter and good vibes,” Yewande told us, and we reckon that sums up Callum perfectly. 

He’s not as loud and gregarious as some of the other boys, and with Yewande also being on the slightly quieter side, they would be very cute together indeed. 

Amber and Sherif


Amber had a definite twinkle in her eye when she came in to meet us, and we could instantly tell she’s going to be a wee bit naughty in the villa.

Describing herself as a “nutter”, she said: “My normal is probably other people’s outrageous. On a night out, I’ll be standing on the chairs and tables and things.”

Equally, Sherif also likes to think of himself as the life and soul too, claiming to be “upbeat and cheeky and outrageous”, so they would definitely have that in common.

Amy and Joe


If it was one thing we could say about this pair is that they both love to talk.

Amy had plenty of anecdotes to tell from her time as a flight attendant, and immediately had us entertained, while Joe was also the easiest of all the boys to get along with straight away – so we reckon they could be quickly drawn to one another even if there isn’t an immediate physical attraction (although, there’s no reason why there shouldn’t be – they’re both gorgeous). 

Amy also said she isn’t looking for a complete gym bunny as she “loves eating McDonalds and drinking wine too much”, so Joe probably fits the bill better than some of the larger, more pumped guys. 

Plus it sounds like she would greatly appreciate the culinary skills of the catering company owner.  

Anna and Anton


After admitting he has the “medical condition” of a wandering eye, Anton said he is looking for someone to tame his ways, and we’d say the best candidate would be the no nonsense Anna. 

She also said her ideal man would have “dark hair and dark eyes”, both of which Anton possesses. 

The Scottish lad also claimed he is looking for a girl who is a hard worker, and having trained five years to become a pharmacist, no one could could say that didn’t describe Anna. 

Not coupled: Curtis and Michael  


As you may have already noticed there are five girls and seven boys in the starting line-up this year, meaning two boys will remain not coupled up (pending some sort of twist, obviously). 

Not that we didn’t like them both a whole lot, but we’re predicting Curtis and Michael could be left without a partner on Monday – but only because their Miss Rights are yet to enter the villa.  

Love Island kicks off on Monday at 9pm on ITV2.  

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