'Love Island' Host Caroline Flack Clashes With Jonny Mitchell As She Takes Him To Task Over Camilla Thurlow

Ga'wan, Flackers!

‘Love Island’ fans have been patiently waiting for Jonny Mitchell to be held accountable for his treatment of Camilla Thurlow, and on Sunday (16 July) night, Caroline Flack did not hold back as he made an appearance on spin-off show ‘Aftersun’.

The presenter gave the former contestant both barrels as she quizzed him on his decision to dump Camilla for Tyla Carr during his time on the ITV2 reality series.

Caroline appeared keen to take him to task, after Camilla was left feeling deeply hurt and upset, prior to finding love with new beau Jamie Jewitt.

Caroline Flack gave Jonny Mitchell both barrels on 'Love Island: Aftersun'
Caroline Flack gave Jonny Mitchell both barrels on 'Love Island: Aftersun'

“It seemed to us you moved on pretty quickly. Do you think you handled it correctly with Camilla when you moved on?” Caroline enquired.

“I handled it as diplomatically as I could have,” Jonny replied.

Interrupting him, Caroline asked: “Even though you told other people before Camilla?”

After he responded yes, she was puzzled, asking: “Really?!”

He was then shown a VT of how his and Tyla’s relationship affected Camilla, Caroline pressed him on whether he knew how much he had upset her.

“I spoke to Marcel a lot and I knew she was upset, but not to that extent,” he insisted. “She was avoiding me a lot of the time when stuff happened, and really keeping out of my way.”

“Well she handled it fantastically in front of you,” Caroline replied. “She was very diplomatic, more so than you were.

“Seeing how upset she was there, do you understand why people were so angry at you?”

“Of course I do, and it’s never nice - she’s a lovely girl,” Jonny said. “But unfortunately in that situation, talking to her about it as well, she’s saying, ‘I don’t want to keep you here if you have feelings for someone else’, that’s why it pushed me.

“I have apologised to her, of course I have. She’s such an amazing girl. I never wanted to upset her like that.”

Since leaving the villa, Jonny has watched on as Tyla has coupled up with Mike Thalassitis, and the pair seemed to take their relationship to the next level on Sunday’s show.

But true to form, Jonny has wasted no time in moving on himself, and was spotted kissing fellow former contestant Chyna Ellis during a night out - a topic he refused to be drawn on during his ‘Aftersun’ appearance.

‘Love Island’ continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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