11/07/2017 17:25 BST

'Love Island': Camilla And Jamie Reveal What Really Happened In The Hideaway

Did they go all the way?

Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt shocked ‘Love Island’ viewers on Monday’s (10 July) episode, when they disappeared beneath the covers during a night in the Hideaway

Now the pair have revealed what really happened, after speculation they may have gone all the way. 

Camilla is beaming following her night in the Hideaway with Jamie

In scenes from Tuesday’s show, Camilla is in the Beach Hut when she claims they only enjoyed “a really nice chat and more than one cuddle”, but reveals she and Jamie have decided to prank the rest of the villa by telling them they had sex.  

“Jamie and I came up with a plan that we might pretend we went all the way in the Hideaway because there’s always a lot of hype about it,” she smiles. “I think it would be very unexpected.

My acting skills are quite poor and my lying skills are even worst so I think the weak link in the team is me,” she laughs.

Back in the villa, many of the group are discussing whether they think they pair did the deed. 

“At the end of the day that could be her baby daddy,” Montana Brown jokes, “He is amazing, he is well travelled, he’s well-spoken, he’s a Calvin Klein model…”

Camilla and Jamie decide to play a prank on their fellow Islanders

Camilla and Jamie return to the villa, when they each go off to debrief with the guys and girls to spill the juicy details.  

“Did you shag? Blink once if you did,” Montana presses Camilla.

Camilla blinks and the girls shriek with excitement.

Meanwhile, Jamie has tells the boys the ‘fake news’ too, and they are in shock.

But later in the day, he comes clean to Alex Beattie about the prank.

“We had a wicked night,” he says, “I’d say the best thing about the whole thing was just, it started out like we always do, we sat there and had this really deep chat, I told her a lot about me and then it started getting giggly and playful.”

However, the couple’s happiness could be short-lived, as a shock dumping rocks the villa later in the evening - will Jamilla 2.0 be torn apart?

Find out in tonight’s ‘Love Island’, airing at 9pm on ITV2. 

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