10/07/2017 18:24 BST

'Love Island': Camilla Thurlow Contemplates Having Sex With Jamie Jewitt, As Their Romance Heats Up

Will she go all the way with her new hunk?

After two failed romances, it looks like ‘Love Island’ contestant Camilla Thurlow has finally found the one, as she is considering taking her relationship with Jamie Jewitt to the next level. 

Monday (10 July) night’s episode of the ITV2 reality series sees the bomb disposal expert reveal she is contemplating whether she wants to get physical with her new beau, after enjoying a passionate kiss with him the night before.

Camilla contemplates getting physical with Jamie

After waking up on her 28th birthday, Camilla tells the other girls of her encounter with Jamie, marking their smooch 10 out of 10. 

Talking to Gabby Allen and Amber Davies about him, she says: “I’m a normal woman. Of course every person would want to have sex with him, I mean look at him.

“But we don’t know where we are at just yet and we’ve got two weeks to go. Shouldn’t I wait to find out what it’s like outside before I do that in case this is something that’s only happening in here?” she asks.

“I think it’s pretty clear where you’re at,” Gabby tells her, “No one does a gesture like that breakfast unless they really like someone. And I’ve only had positive feedback from him and only positive feedback from you. He did it because he just wanted you to be happy.”

The pair shared a passionate kiss on last night's episode

Montana Brown later encourages Camilla to go for it, saying: “This is the situation where you want to do it and you’re stopping yourself and you should just go with it.” 

“It’s not even just that, I need a bit more confirmation from his side, like sexual confirmation,” Camilla says.

“I don’t want to go from zero to 100… In the real world I wouldn’t sleep with someone after four days.

“[I need to] step it up a bit but that doesn’t mean sleep with him.”

Building her up her confidence, Montana suggests: “When you’re getting with him, just make it a bit more passionate! Just go for it seriously, it’s your birthday, do your thang!”

As Camilla and Jamie are later given the chance to spend some alone time together in the Hideaway, will she take the plunge and go all the way with him?

Find out on tonight’s ‘Love Island’, airing at 9pm on ITV2. 

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