'Love Island': Camilla Thurlow Confirms She DID Have Sex With Jamie Jewitt


‘Love Island’ fans were left asking ‘did they or didn’t they?’, after Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt disappeared under the covers at the end of Sunday (16 July) night’s episode.

And although we have been in this position before (so to speak), it turns out the answer was different this time around, as she has confirmed they DID have sex.

Camilla and Jamie had sex on 'Love Island'
Camilla and Jamie had sex on 'Love Island'

On Sunday’s ‘Aftersun’ Caroline Flack revealed an exclusive clip from Monday’s (17 July) episode, in which Camilla was seen spilling the beans of her and Jamie’s night of passion to pal Montana Brown.

“Jamie put it in last night,” she whispered to Montana.

As she enquired what Camilla meant, she replied: “What do you think!”

“No!” a shocked Montana exclaimed. “Can you confirm or deny if he has a small penis?”

“No, he does not. I can confirm he’s perfect. And he also has a perfect penis.”

Camilla claimed Jamie has 'the perfect penis'
Camilla claimed Jamie has 'the perfect penis'

The pair previously tricked their fellow Islanders into believing they’d had sex after they spent the night together in the Hideaway, although later had to come clean.

Camilla and Jamie were the latest in a long line of couples to have sex on the show, and the closing moments of Sunday’s episode saw all of the paired-up contestants getting steamy.

‘Love Island’ continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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