Love Island's Demi Has Fans Howling With Comedy Fall, As It's Branded A 'God Tier Moment'

The fact she also managed to save her wine as she took a tumble immediately won praise.

Between all the shock dumpings, new arrivals and Hideaway antics, there’s not been much room for laughs in Love Island over the past few days.

However, that is something that changed during Thursday night’s episode when this happened:

Demi Jones had viewers of the ITV2 reality show – and indeed her fellow Islanders – in stitches when she took a tumble in the villa.

Shaughna Phillips had just pulled her for a chat to tell her about her growing feelings for Luke Mabbot when Demi lost her footing on the decking and fell down a step.

Going, going, gone: Demi falls over on Love Island
Going, going, gone: Demi falls over on Love Island

The fact Demi managed to save her wine was immediately singled out for praise...

Although some felt the moment was missing something...

It was claimed the fall sealed her fate with Luke M...

Shaughna’s role in it should not have been underestimated...

It also spoke to many people’s real lives...

And it has already gone down in the fall of fame...

After Demi had picked herself up, she was then left upset when Shaughna revealed her growing attraction to Luke M, having grown close to him herself in recent days.

Shaughna later sat Luke down to tell him, leaving him in somewhat of a dilemma.

Friday night’s episode will see a recoupling take place, with the girl left single at the end dumped from the villa.

With Natalia Zoppa having moved in on new arrival Jamie Clayton, it looks like it will be Luke’s choice that will ultimately send someone home.

Find out who it is on Friday at 9pm on ITV2.

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