Love Island 2019: 21 Things Everyone Is Thinking After The First Episode

Lucie, you're not going to make "bev" happen.

The wait is over – Love Island is finally back on our screens.

Monday night’s series opener introduced us to the 12 people we’re going to be cancelling plans to stay in and watch over the next eight weeks.

After Caroline Flack played cupid and coupled up the new Islanders for the first time, there were shocks, drama and the early emergence of a love triangle.


As ever, social media was alight with commentary and memes, so here’s the 21 main takeaways from the first instalment of Island action...

1. Everyone mourned the loss of the catchy Superdrug jingles now that they no longer sponsor of the show

2. Although the actually-quite-funny new UberEats break-bumpers quickly earned some fans

3. The sound of Iain Stirling’s voice was actually quite comforting after so long

4. Islander Amy was refreshingly honest about the reality of joining the mile high club

5. The lovely Yewande immediately marked herself out as the new Camilla

6. Caroline Flack’s strut into the villa had somehow become even more extra

7. No-one was buying Anton’s brags about his previous sexual exploits

8. And his “wandering eye” had others’ eyes rolling to the back of their heads

9. While quite why he offered up the fact that his mum shaves his bum within five minutes of arriving in the villa was anyone’s guess

10. Joe, aka Sandwich man, was already earning himself a lot of fans

11. As everyone looked at the new line-up of Islanders, the lack of body diversity soon became apparent

12. Amber immediately alienated herself from at least half of the show’s viewers when she told 28-year-old Callum he was “old”

13. We already know the catchphrase we’re going to be hearing all summer

14. Presenting an immediate merchandising opportunity

15. Although we all made a collective agreement that Lucie’s use of the word “bev” is not going to catch on

16. As Anton created a love triangle within hours of being in the villa, we all knew where this one is heading

17. Amy deciding against wearing the sexy PJs to bed after finding out Anton was more interested in Lucie was a strangely empowering moment

18. Amber messing up “I’ve got a text!” was absolutely infuriating

19. Tommy telling everyone he is Tyson Fury’s brother immediately became the new “I used to be in Blazin’ Squad”

20. Meanwhile, someone needs to have a word with the people in the interior design department

21. And just like that, our social lives for the the next eight weeks just evaporated

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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