18/07/2017 16:27 BST

'Love Island': Gabby Has A Special Message For Marcel After Lie Detector Challenge

Trouble in paradise... again?

A lie detector-based challenge could be about to throw a spanner in the works for a few couples on ‘Love Island’.

As we grow closer to next week’s final, the remaining girls’ honesty has been put to the test, in scenes to air in Tuesday’s (18 July) highlights show.

During the challenge, all the girls are hooked up to a lie detector, while the boys pose questions to them, which Gabrielle Allen - whose true feelings for partner Marcel Somerville have recently been called into question by certain ‘Love Island’ fans - seems particularly nervous.

Gabby says she's "not excited" about the challenge

Hooked up to the machine, she’s asked whether she’s “only with Marcel because he’s in Blazin’ Squad” and whether she “genuinely loves” the musician star, and when the task is over, some of the girls’ answers lead to some serious drama.

Gabby and Marcel disagree after the challenge

In the aftermath of the challenge, Sam is heard branding Gabby a “fake”, leading to tension in the villa.

Gabby has a plan, though, and recruits the rest of the girls to help her spell out a special message to her partner, Marcel.

Gabby is branded a "fake" in the aftermath of the task

Last week, some fans of the show grew skeptical regarding Gabby’s feelings for Marcel, after a challenge involving watching a strip-tease while hooked up to a heart monitor suggested she was actually more attracted to fellow contestant Theo Campbell.

This year’s winning couple will be crowned on Monday (24 July), with Caroline Flack returning to the villa for a special live show.

See these scenes unfold in Tuesday’s ‘Love Island’, kicking off at 9pm on ITV2.

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