26/07/2017 13:02 BST

'Love Island': Gabby And Marcel Reveal They've Finally Had Sex, And It Doesn't Sound Like It Disappointed

They refused to have sex on camera in the villa.

They were the only ‘Love Island’ finalists who managed to resist having sex in the villa, but we can reveal Gabby Allen and Marcel Somerville have finally taken their relationship to the next level, following the series’ conclusion. 

The pair revealed they did they deed after the wrap party, following Monday’s (24 July) live final, and apparently it didn’t disappoint. 

Marcel and Gabby have finally had sex

Speaking to HuffPost UK and other journalists upon their return to the UK, Marcel couldn’t wait to confirm the news.  

“We did it yesterday! We did it yesterday!” he squealed. 

“And it was amazing!” Gabby added. 

However, they were still constrained by their fellow Islanders, as they were still sharing accomodation, after leaving the show’s villa. 

“We were in a villa, so once again it was like we couldn’t be too loud as there was someone in the other room,” Gabby admitted. “But we’re in a hotel room tonight...”

The couple refused to have sex in the villa

Throughout the majority of the series, Gabby and Marcel had been the favourites to win the competition, but fell out of favour with the public and ended up finishing in last place on the final night. 

Asked whether Gabby’s message to Marcel about fellow contestant Montana Brown could have been their downfall, Gabby was quick to insist it would have been normal behaviour in the outside world.

I would never want to blame it on that, but I think we all have our friends in life, and if one is doing your head in, usually you do have a boyfriend or someone you can go back to and vent and it not get out anywhere else,” she explained.

“It was stupid and I do regret writing it on the phone to pass to him, but it was the only way I saw fit to be able to communicate that across and let it out. I wish I’d just said it.

“I wasn’t trying to be nasty or malicious. If that was the case, I would have just said it. If was just unfortunate there was a camera there.”

They are planning to take things slow now they're out

Both she and Marcel also insisted there was “no beef there at all” with Montana, who also brushed off the incident during an interview on spin-off show ‘Aftersun’ on Sunday. 

As for what is next for the couple, they revealed they would be taking things slowly, but will be able to see each other often given they both live in London. 

“We’ll probably be 20 minutes away from each other, so that’s going to be easy,” Gabby said. “We’re not going to jump into moving in together - that’s completely unnecessary. There’s so much we want to do.”

Marcel added: “We’re going to make it more like a real life relationship. You’re in a bubble and together 24/7, so now we’re out, it will be nice to go out on a date and go where you want.”

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